Whatever your product or need, if you are looking to expand or grow your business in the international oil and gas markets or simply need a second opinion or service contact Hyland Communications, if we cant help we can recommend someone that can

Hyland Communication's understands the need for complete confidentiality, and has obtained a reputation for reliability, dependability and honesty, we provide our products and services to a broad client base, typical customers include but are not limited to the following:

  • Major International Companies
  • Private Organizations
  • Local Engineering Consultancy Companies
  • Service Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Individual Investors and Entrepreneurs


Process control, instrumentation, and automation markets, this knowledge helps provide a deeper understanding of our clients products or services and their required positioning in the market or application

From simple market intelligence and local business survey's to broad based supply and distribution channels, Hyland has an established track record in providing professional and effective services to its Global client base.

The knowledge of local legislation and contract procedures is only one consideration, Hyland communications believes that understanding the markets and the products or services of our clients and their applications is critical to the credibility of what we do.